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Harlem JP Choir (HJP)
Formed in Osaka in February 1999, based on Harlem Japanese Gospel Choir, who is active in Harlem, New York. Active based on a church in Kansai. It is formed under the guidance of Terence Kennedy and Butch Hayward, who come to Japan for music evangelism from all over the United States, keeping the style sung at the black church in New York. In addition to contemporary gospel, it has a repertoire of ancient spirituals, Japanese songs, Korean songs, and more than 200 songs. Natsuko Koyama, who studied the Bible under the teachings of Christianity and is the leader, is a pastor and aims to revitalize Japanese Christian music with music evangelism activities and leading American gospel musicians. A full-fledged gospel choir that combines spirituality, musicality, and religion.

Activities: Sunday worship praise, regular concerts, event participation, praise at church evangelism meetings
Gospel Tour in New York (2000-), Korean Concert (2 times) 2010 & 2016
CD: Jesus knoking (2013), HJP Live CD (2011), Pray for Peace (2016), Great Lord (scheduled for 2016)

Representative Natsuko Koyama Representative of Harlem Gospel Missionary
Management location 532-0026 5-5-8 Tsukamoto, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka Harlem Gospel Missionary
090-9040-3475 ・ (Furuyama in charge)

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